4 Winter Roof Damage Problems You Need to Address

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Winter season is always beautiful but winter can also cause damage to your roof, especially if the roof is fragile. Which is why you need to reach out to roofing companies in Indianapolis to check your roof and detect issues that need immediate attention. Our professionals in roof repair will help you solve problems that are caused during the winter season. Here are four winter roof issues you need to solve ASAP.

Condensation Problems in the Attic

If ice dams have accumulated in your roof during the winter season, it is likely that there is excessive condensation in the attic ceiling below your roof. Accumulated moisture will often cause mold growth or wood-rot. Proper ventilation can help, but it is essential to repair any attic issues where moisture can creep in. Additionally; home appliances, dehumidifiers, and other machines can lead to moisture accumulating in the home.

Formation of Ice Dams

Ice Dams form when the warm air from a heated living room warms the snow that is on top of the roof. The snow will melt, and will drop to cooler areas in the roof where later it will become ice. Once the ice becomes thick it will snow-melt and lead to water drippings, making its way into the house through leakage holes. Leakage holes exist when water freezes, melts and makes its way into cracks then expanding the cracks. The ideal way to stop ice dams is by ventilating the attic and insulating it. You can also reduce the risk by ensuring the gutters are clean in the fall and by using a rake to get rid of the snow from your roof.

Other Pre-Existing Problems Get Worse

Despite causing new roofing problems, snow can cause the fragile shingles to dislocate, loosen the roof flashing and open the gutter. For these roofing problems, you will need to rely on a Roof Specialist to inspect the roof before the winter season.

Heavy Snow on Your Rooftop

Roof collapse is possible, especially if a lot of snow has accumulated on the roof. It is essential to understand that different roofs have been created differently. Wet snow can be heavy, but there are scenarios where even light snow can apply massive pressure on the roof. Also, poor construction can lead to roof damage. If you start noticing leaks, cracks, or ceiling sagging then it is a dire situation and you should not ignore it. Call our roofing experts as soon as you notice these problems.

These four roofing problems can cause stress for a homeowner during the winter season. That’s why it is essential to ensure the roof is well-maintained before the winter season to avoid unnecessary repairs later. Winter roof damage can cause more problems if you don’t solve the earlier issues. There is no need to ignore the challenge by installing a new roof later. You can save money and time by reaching out to our experts. If you want your roof to be in perfect condition, you can visit https://www.jaggroofing.com/.

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