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One look is all it takes for you to know why cedar roofing is one of the most loved and sought after types of roof there are — its presence can considerably enhance the rustic appeal of any home with a more traditional architectural designing and styling to it. Needless to say, cedar roofing can boost the curb appeal of your property.

However, there is one thing about cedar roofing that is keeping some homeowners from choosing it over other roofing systems, and that’s the fact that its installation and maintenance aren’t cheap.

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wood shake roofing

Despite the steep cost of having it installed and kept in great shape, cedar shake roofing can still be seen over a lot of homes — for the owners, the many perks of installing cedar roofing simply outweigh the few disadvantages associated with it. So if you are thinking about replacing your current roof with cedar roofing or having your traditional-looking home built, get in touch with JAGG Premium Roof Systems. Our team of highly qualified roofers with years of industry experience is the right one for the job — the installation of cedar roofing costs a lot, and you wouldn’t want your hard-earned cash to go down the drain by hiring unprofessional and inexperienced roofers!

For cedar roofing-related inquiries or to set up an appointment with the industry leader, pick up the phone and dial (317) 279 – 6137 during business hours — we’re always ready to take your call and lend a helping hand.

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    There are a handful of reasons why cedar roofing systems are commonly seen on a lot of homes in the country:

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    Cedar is highly available and thus easily accessible.

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    No one can deny that cedar is a complete head-turner.

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    Energy Saving

    Monthly bills can be reduced by cedar roofing.

    When it comes to residential wood roofing in the US, nothing is as popular as cedar.

    Nothing Can Match the Beauty and Performance of Cedar Roofing

    Cedar roofing is not only a delight to look at — it can also put a smile on your pocket. Well, maybe not in terms of its installation and maintenance. But when it comes to keeping your monthly electric consumption to a minimum, you can rest assured that cedar roofing can deliver.

    That’s because this particular roofing option is very good at giving you and your family with much-needed insulation. Being all-natural, cedar roofing is capable of protecting everyone inside the home from the harsh elements. For instance, it can help keep the interiors of your home cool during the hottest parts of the year — cedar roofing is very good at providing insulation from the blistering heat of the summer sun. 

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    As a result, you and your whole family can remain feeling comfy in summer without having to turn the air conditioner on full blast all the time.

    But it’s not just during summertime when the insulating property of cedar roofing can make its unmistakable presence known — during winter, it can help keep heat inside the home, thus saving you and everyone you love from freezing over without having to depend a lot on heating systems.

    Other than during summer and winter, cedar roofing can give you peace of mind when the rainy days are here or a powerful hurricane or hailstorm is around. Most especially if it’s installed properly and maintained on a regular basis, it can spare you from encountering roofing-related problems due to harsh weather conditions.

    Installation, maintenance and cedar shake roof repair that Indianapolis roofers offer are not created equal. If you want to get your hands on the most reliable service, which is vital for keeping your money from going to waste, make sure that you choose the right roofing company, and no other local company around is best suited for the job than JAGG Premium Roof Systems — our team of experienced and skilled roofers can meet and even exceed your expectations!

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    Disadvantages of Cedar Roofing You Should Know About

    The cost: this is perhaps the single most notable disadvantage of cedar roofing that is making a lot of homeowners steer clear of the highly attractive type of roof. It’s not just the installation of cedar roofing that can cost a lot, but also subsequent services necessary in order to keep it looking great and functioning effectively.

    Unlike metal roofing, cedar roofing is a bit more challenging to install and turning its installation into a DIY project is not a really good idea. While some people who are the handyman type may be able to repair or replace a few tiles, installing an entire cedar roofing should be left in the hands of the pros. Otherwise, all kinds of roofing-related problems may show up sooner or later, causing the already steep cost of maintaining cedar roofing even harder on the wallet.

    It’s no secret that wood is at risk of rotting, disintegrating, and forming mold and mildew. Insects and certain animals can also wreak havoc to it. Even if it’s true that cedar is a hard-wearing type of wood and thus it makes for an excellent roofing material, it isn’t impervious to ending up damaged.

    This is the reason exactly why cedar roof repair is something that is warranted from time to time. Through such, the integrity and performance of the roof can be maintained. It’s also a good idea for any homeowner to have his or her cedar roofing inspected on a regular basis, preferably once a year or after a severe weather condition — such helps to identify problems before they turn into bigger and more expensive issues.

    Are you an admirer of the beauty of cedar roofing except for the steep cost? We here are JAGG Premium Roof Systems have got great news for you: there’s synthetic cedar roofing available! This may not be out of 100% natural cedar wood, but it looks just like the real deal — in fact, no one may be able to tell the difference!

    Our team of expert roofers highly recommends metal roofing that closely resembles cedar. Opting for this roofing solution allows you to enjoy the beauty of cedar roofing while taking advantage of the cost-effectiveness and superb performance of metal roofing. So in other words, it lets you have the best of both worlds!