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Commercial Roofing Indianapolis: Dependable Commercial Roofers for the Whole of Indiana

Commercial roofing is a very challenging industry. It’s because of the many factors involved including:

  • Disruption of the business’ daily operations
  • Weather conditions in the area
  • Particular requirements of the business owner
  • Size of the building
  • Available roof installation or repair budget
  • The sheer variety of commercial roofing options

Certainly, this kind of roofing is no-DIY project. That’s why hiring an expert Indianapolis commercial roofing contractor is the very 1st step in putting a roof over your business — and that’s exactly the kind of business JAGG Premium Roof Systems specializes in. JAGG is one of those companies you’ll never forget!

commercial roofing for a building in indianapolis
jagg roofer on top of roof

We here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems completely understand how important it is to keep your business always up and running. This is why we see to it that we offer you with nothing but some of the best roofing solutions known to man. We specialize in commercial metal roofing that business owners need, and that is why we’re known as Indiana’s premier source for metal roofing.

However, there are many other roofing systems available around that are also suited for commercial buildings. It’s a good thing that the installation of metal roofs is not the only one we specialize in — JAGG Premium Roof Systems also offers installation of anything from flat roofing, spray foam, modified bitumen to tiles! So pick up the phone, dial (317) 279 – 6137, and set up an appointment with us — our team of experienced, skilled and dependable expert roofers will be more than willing to tell you what your various options are in terms of roofing for your business!

To get started, call us at (317) 279 – 6137 now. We’re around during business hours to answer your most pressing questions and also set up an appointment that’s highly convenient for you!

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    Our Commercial Metal Roofing Service Comes With an Array of Perks

    longevity of metal roof


    Metal Roofing can be of service for 50 years or even longer, provided that it is maintained properly. 

    Unlike some other roofing options around, a metal roof is fire-resistant, keeping a business out of harm’s way.

    resistance to damage of metal roof

    Resistance to Damage

    Interlocking panels help provide utmost wind resistance.

    Metal is impervious to damage stemming from rot and insects.

    metal roof is great for insulation


    It can keep the property stay cool, which means reduced electricity consumption.

    There are so many designs to choose from, including those that don’t look like metal.

    Let us tell you some of the reasons why metal roofing is sought by many business owners.

    There are various roofing solutions perfect for commercial establishments. However, none of them can rival metal roofing which is what JAGG Premium Roof Systems specializes in. Our professional roofing contractors highly recommend metal roofing, and a business owner like you will be glad that they do so. 

    Commercial roof repair is also easier on the pocket and highly accessible if you pick metal roofing over other roofing options around. Of course you are the business owner and the final decision is yours. But whatever pleases you, JAGG Premium Roof Systems is here to help — we also offer an assortment of roofing systems aside from metal.

    metal roofing project in indianapolis
    roofing for a commercial building

    For instance, we’re also highly respected for our flat roofing services (commercial flat roof repair, installation, replacement, inspection, etc) that Indianapolis & Indiana business owners want. There are a number of flat roofing options out there, and our expert roofers are capable of installing each one of them. JAGG Premium Roof Systems is also the industry leader when it comes to the installation of tile roofing. Although tiles are commonly seen on residential homes, in some instances they also make for fantastic commercial roofing solutions.

    We Give You The Best Options for Commercial Roofing

    When it comes to the installation of commercial roofing for your business, it’s a must for you to know what you need exactly. We at JAGG Premium Roof Systems can help you get introduced to the many different choices and help you with the selection process, too. With the right decision, you can be completely satisfied with the outcome and you can have complete peace of mind that nothing can stop your business from reaching one milestone after the other.

    Most commercial roofing options can last for about 20 years. There are also those that can stay in a great shape for 50 years or so, and sometimes even 100 years and even greater!

    roofers working on industrial building
    jagg roofer working

    Especially if your business is family-owned, you would definitely benefit from choosing a commercial roofing system that can last for generations. We highly recommend for you to pick something that is trouble-free to maintain and repair in order to prevent your business’ daily operation from being disrupted and your budget from ending up in a complete wreck. Fret not because we here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems are vowed to make our customers fully happy with our work and totally pleased with the appearance and functionality of their respective commercial establishments.

    In terms of cost-effectiveness and durability, we highly recommend metal roofing, which is our specialty. A metal roof is so easy to install. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to have it installed over your current roofing, which is an excellent money-saving solution!

    Our Commercial Roofing Contractors Can Install a Wide Variety of Roofs

    JAGG Premium Roof Systems cannot stress enough that it’s the industry leader when it comes to installing metal roofing for various commercial purposes.

    It’s proud to tell you that it is also very good at installing other roofing options such as:

    • Built-up roofing
    • Single-ply roofing
    • Green roofing
    • Cool roofing
    • And many more!

    We here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems also offer an assortment of roofing-related services such as roof coating, inspectionrepair, maintenance and replacement. So in other words, our company is a one-stop-shop for your different commercial roofing needs.

    And did we already mention that we specialize in residential roofing as well? So whether it is your business that is in grave need of an excellent roofing solution or your home, you can count on JAGG Premium Roof Systems — so many Indianapolis business and home owners already did!

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