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When you need to increase your energy efficiency, purchasing a cool roof in Indianapolis, IN is a great place to begin. Traditional roof materials soak up a great deal of the heat from the sun. When the temperature of the roof increases, so does the internal temperature of the building. A cool roof won’t absorb the heat from the sun. With such strong reflectivity, cool roofing products can decrease the temperature of your roof, which will lower the internal temperature of your building and significantly reduce your energy costs. Additional information about cool roofing is accessible by calling JAGG Premium Roof Systems at (317) 348-0180. Let us help you choose the best cool roofing product for your business.

Cool Roofing Solutions You Can Rely on

Cool Roofing

Cool Roofing Doesn’t Have To Be Light In Color.

The main advantage of a cool roof is the energy savings, but there are a few other positive effects that can come from getting a cool roof on your building. You’ll save money on roof repairs because cool roofs don’t need to be replaced as often as traditional roofing products. Other roof materials are easily damaged by the UV rays from the sun. This breaks down the materials and can lead to roof damage that requires restoration. Cool roofs need to be replaced less often due to the fact they aren’t damaged by the heat from the sun. Purchasing a cool roof on your commercial structure could also extend the lifespan of your cooling units. Purchasing a cool roof decreases the climate of your building, which means your cooling system won’t need to work as hard to keep the building at a pleasant temperature. This means that your AC units will not require maintenance or replacement as frequently, which can save you money. Lastly, cool roofing is also good for the environment since it lowers the emissions coming from the building heating and cooling equipment.

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Additional information about purchasing a cool roof in Indianapolis, IN is accessible from JAGG Premium Roof Systems. We only work with the number one roof manufacturers to make sure our customers have the most durable cool roofing materials available. Our staff has plenty of commercial roof installation experience, so you can rest easy that the roof we install for you is going to last. Schedule your cool roofing installation by connecting with our staff at (317) 348-0180.