Single Ply Roofing in Indianapolis, IN

There are plenty of options on the market in regards to commercial roofing solutions. In this section, we discuss single-ply membrane roofing systems, and the variety of types we sell. As you probably guessed from the title, the main appeal of single ply roofing is that it’s designed to be applied in one, very dependable layer, that offers all of the defense your roof should require. Contact the team now at (317) 348-0180 to discover more about our single ply roofing in Indianapolis, IN, or request a quote. The JAGG Premium Roof Systems professionals can assist you with all of your residential, business, or metal roofing requirements!

Single Ply Roofing Types

Single Ply Roofing

Single Ply Roofing Materials Are a Great ANd Effective Way To Protect Your Roof.

Resistance to UV rays, flexibility in fluctuating temperatures, and reliable leak protection are all benefits of single-ply membrane roofing, though further benefits will vary depending on the particular membrane you pick. EPDM is probably the polymer we sell most often to commercial structure owners looking for single ply membranes. Lightweight as is preferred, EPDM is also referred to as rubber roofing across the industry. Rubber roofs are often seamless, as the materials can be purchased in big sizes that can coat an entire roof. You can also come to JAGG Premium Roof Systems for help with preferred membrane styles such as PVC or TPO. As thermoplastic membranes, both choices protect against leaks with impressively strong heat-welded seals. While EPDM is the most common choice, PVC is the best choice, promising top of the line protection.

  • EPDM Membrane EPDM is super resilient and also quite cost-effective, which makes it a preferred choice for most clients with flat roof systems.
  • PVC Roofing PVC is resilient, long-lasting, and provides outstanding protection for single ply membrane roofs.
  • TPO Membrane Roof TPO is a type of thermoplastic single ply roof that provides many of the perks of PVC at a lower cost.

Single-Ply RoofsRoofing You Can Trust

Call our professional roofers at (317) 348-0180 for affordable single ply roofing in Indianapolis, IN and the nearby areas! If you want your single ply membrane to endure for a long time, reliable installation is the primary requirement, and our contractors know precisely what to do! As a local contractor, JAGG Premium Roof Systems is glad to be a single ply roofing company this community counts on.