Hail, Storm & Wind Damage Roof Repair In Indianapolis Indiana

A roof is a vital part of the home and acts as a defense against bad weather. Indianapolis is subject to storms during spring and summer, that often brings down hail sized like golf balls that have the potential to damage the roof and cause severe water damage to the roof and attic.

Hail Damage Roof Repair In Indianapolis Indiana

A severe hail storm can not only damage the shingle on the roof but also at times damage skylights, vent hoods, gutters, and other elements that are part of the roof. After such severe storms, roofs need to be checked for both exterior and interior damage. Damage to shingles can lead to water leaking into the home that can be a cause for major concerns. Get experienced and competent roofers to inspect your roof after storms and then undertake any repairs from hail damage.

Hail can cause severe damage to gutters and flashing and have been known to rip them from their fastenings, and at times may require their complete replacement. Shingle or roof tiles can be punctured or broken and require careful examination of every square foot of the roof to truly understand the areas that the hail has damaged, and that require repairs and attention.

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Storm Damage Roof Repair for Indianapolis and Indiana

Indianapolis, on an average, has about 20 thunderstorms every year, and only a few of these can be hail storms. These other storms can cause their own particular types of damage with shingles blowing off, damage from tree branches carried by the wind, and other problems.

Such storm damage requires attention with immediate inspection by professional roofers who specialize in storm restoration. Most of them will give you a free estimate for the cost of the restoration work, and even help you to file insurance claims.

Get a contractor who can also arrange immediately for emergency cover with tarpaulins that will immediately stop any further leaking of water into your home. It is essential that any materials used in the repairs be carried out with quality roofing materials that match the existing roof. A proper inspection will also reveal any slow leaks that if left unattended to can lead to developing into major problems.

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Wind Damage Roof Repair for Indianapolis Indiana Homes and Businesses

It is not only the storms in Indianapolis that come with rain and hail that can cause damage to roofs. At times, the weather may just turn windy and high winds can cause just as much damage to roofs. You will have shingles that get blown off, and leave your roof vulnerable to leaks, or gutters can get lifted off.

High winds can create a suction effect on the shingles that will loosen the nails holding them down and create gaps that are then an invitation for water to get in. Winds can also result in tree limbs being blown on to roofs and hitting it with force, resulting in damage to parts of the roof.

Make it a point to inspect your roof and your attic after every storm to ensure that the bad weather has not resulted in any damage to your roof that needs attention by professional roofers. A little care can go a long way in preventing costly repairs at later dates.

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