How To Best Clean Your Gutters

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Gutters are a critical component of the roofing system. Installing gutters helps protect your home. It also helps lengthen the lifespan of the roof. Often, gutters will fill with leaves, twigs, buds, flowers, seeds, sticks, grass, silt, and other forms of debris. The debris collecting in the trough can easily clog and cause water to creep under the roof and to the foundation. Blocked gutters may also contribute to ice dams during winter. It’s important you clean them to get rid of the debris. In the event that your gutters are damaged, for instance, heavily sagging, buckled, or have corroded and developed holes, you can seek a gutter repair service in Indianapolis.

Benefits of Cleaning Gutters

Keeping your gutters clean helps increase their life expectancy. It helps reduce maintenance costs and the need to replace them sooner than expected. Clogged gutters tend to appeal to various critters and rodents like birds, mosquitoes, rats, raccoons, possums, and wasps. The bed of damp grass and leaves attracts the critters. Keeping the gutters clean will help keep away these pests.

Clean gutters allow the efficient flow of water down to the drainage system via the downspouts. This helps prevent damage to the fascia, foundation wall, and problems of moisture in your building or home.

How to Clean Gutters

You should clean the gutters at least once a year, depending on how easily they fill up with dirt. If you have overhanging trees or if there is a big storm, you may consider cleaning your gutters more often.

Ready to do your annual gutter cleaning? Here is the best way you can do it from the preparation work to debris and gunk removal.

  1. Make sure to have a sturdy, extendable ladder to help climb the roof. Always place your ladder on a firm surface. Watch out for landscaping rocks that can easily shift, causing your ladder to move. A ladder stabilizer may be helpful as it enhances safety and helps prevent damage to your gutters. Ensure you have a helper who can pick up things for you if you drop something or you need help moving the ladder.
  2. Wear the right clothing for the job. You may want to dress in a long-sleeved shirt and work pants. Also, wear rubber gloves because cleaning gutters is often a dirty job.
  3. Use a small, plastic gutter scoop to remove the gunk from the troughs. You can get one from your local hardware. A child’s sandbox shovel can also work fine. And if you have an old plastic kitchen spatula, it can even do the trick without damaging your gutters.
  4. Spread a tarp beneath the workspace to help collect the gutter debris so that it doesn’t fall on your lawn or landscaping features.
  5. After removing debris from your gutters, get a garden hose and use it to flush the troughs and downspouts. It will help wash away any remaining debris. It also helps show if there are leaks in your gutters.

Gutter cleaning isn’t that difficult once you know how to do it. You will always feel great after you’re done with the job. After cleaning the gutters, you will want to repair any buckling or sagging metal. Mount a gutter hanger that you can use to repair the metal. If gutter repair and cleaning isn’t your typical job, you can contact the pros.

Hire Gutter Repair and Cleaning Pros

Gutter cleaning may not be so easy for every homeowner. Additionally, it can pose dangers, especially if you are not used to climbing elevated surfaces. Using ladders too presents the dangers of a fall. You may want to seek a professional gutter cleaning repair service. At JAGG Premium Roof Systems, we are your preferred gutter installation, repair, and maintenance service. Visit us at to find out more about our gutter services.

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