Insurance Roofing Repair and Replacement

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When you’ve had your roof destroyed because of a storm, the most important thing is that you’re reaching out for help as soon as possible. You might have to deal with an insurance agency and we all know that the experience is not always pleasant. Before you can begin searching for Indianapolis roofers, it is important that the insurance company is aware of the predicament.


When reaching out to the insurance company, make sure to have your impulse in check. It is not the fault of the customer care representative that you’re not able to get services that you’re looking for. There is a high chance that there are other homeowners on the line with equal distress and you don’t want to make things worse.


When dealing with the insurance company, it is important to have all the crucial documents in order. You need to make sure that you have essential information such as the adjuster, the roofing contractor, and homeowner’s insurance agency. When you’re meeting the adjuster for the first time, you’d want to make sure that you have the right information about the policy and the policy number. You should also have contacted the roofer to come up with a detailed estimate of the project.

Legitimate Claim

You don’t want to run into trouble with the law. Make sure that you’re only filing a legitimate claim. Insurance companies are known to be thorough with the investigations and will leave no stone unturned if foul play is suspected. You also don’t want storm chasers convincing you there is a problem with the roof when all they’re interested in is making money.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

As a new homeowner, you might be wondering what a homeowner’s insurance covers when it comes to the roof. The roofing structure might have been damaged by the storm and it will be pleasing to note that the homeowner’s insurance covers you against such perils. It is crucial to note that you might have to pay for the deductibles before the homeowner’s insurance can come into play. Make sure you’re going through the policy so that you can have a better understanding of the deductibles. There are some policies that could have wind and hailstorm damage exclusions because of the likelihood of such damages happening. You should be aware of the exclusions so that you’re prepared in the event that they happen. You don’t want to wait for the insurance company to handle the repairs only to find out that the damages are not covered.

Homeowner’s Insurance and Roof Leaks

In most instances, the insurance may cover roof leaks if it has been caused by a peril. If it is caused by wind or hail, the insurance company might help with the repair. If the damage is caused by neglect or lack of maintenance, you’ll have to foot for the repair bills on your own. It is important that you’re carrying out regular roof inspections so that you’re not voiding the warranty. Make sure to inspect the condition of the roof if you intend to buy a new home. For more information on roof maintenance, you can check out

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