What Is A Mechanical Lock Metal Roof?

If you’ve been thinking about a standing seam metal roof system for your house or business, you might have realized that you have several different kinds to choose from. We’ve put together this page to explain the minor details of mechanical lock systems that make them different from snap lock materials. Mechanical lock metal roofing is one of the less expensive standing seam option, and is perfect for lower slope roofing systems. If you are thinking about purchasing a mechanical lock metal roof in Indianapolis, IN, you can count on the experts at JAGG Premium Roof Systems to help you. We’re available at (317) 348-0180 to talk about your requirements, and to help you figure out which standing seam metal roof variety is ideal for your requirements and budget.

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Mechanical Lock Metal Roof

Metal Roofs Are a Great Way To Protect Your Roof For Years And Years To Come.

When picking a standing seam metal roof, your main 2 choices are snap lock metal panels and mechanical lock metal panels. Steeply sloped roof systems work better with snap locks, and lower sloped systems will benefit from a mechanical lock metal roof option. Mechanical lock metal roofing is a slower installation when compared to snap lock, but this is why it is less expensive too. Each of the varieties though, are extremely durable, and will defend your building easily. These roofs also require far less maintenance than non-metal roofing materials, and will provide metal’s signature energy efficient characteristics. These roofing solutions are now more popular in suburban neighborhoods and are very commonly chosen to defend commercial buildings as well.

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Though roofing materials such as asphalt shingles or single ply membranes last around 2 decades or so, standing seam metal varieties can last 40 years or longer. For this reason, you will understandably notice a slightly heftier price for the initial installation. If you consider the lifetime of the roof however, you’ll actually spend much less, since the roof system will not suffer frequent damages, and it will not require as much maintenance. If you’re interested in learning more dial (317) 348-0180 and talk with one of our specialists about the perks of each standing seam option. If a mechanical lock metal roof in Indianapolis, IN seems like the perfect option for your business or home roof, speak to JAGG Premium Roof Systems today to begin!