Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Do you have a house or office building that needs a durable roof? Getting a roofing material that can manage strong winds and severe weather is vital. Most standard roofs need a lot of upkeep, which means putting time and money into care and repairs. Standing metal roofing is one of our most requested roofing styles due to the extensive advantages it offers. If you are interested in receiving more information regarding our standing seam metal roofing installation in Indianapolis, IN, just contact our customer service at (317) 348-0180 to get started!

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

For a Roof That Will Give You Ultimate Protection.

Made from two metal panels installed vertically along the roof decking, standing seam roofs are one of the more durable and low maintenance roofing systems available. Since this roof type is constructed with vertical seams that are carefully sealed, you do not need to worry about leaks. Beyond your home possessing more security from precipitation, standing seam metal roofs come in various styles to give your home a unique look and a reflective surface to keep your home cool. If you require a quality roofing system that offers energy savings benefits, an extended lifespan, and little in the way of maintenance requirements, standing seam metal roofs are an excellent option. You may receive additional benefits by getting a metal roof, such as tax breaks and reduced insurance rates, owing to the lifespan and weatherproof nature of metal.

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Although a standing seam metal roof may have a greater installation cost than traditional roofing options, it is generally accepted that these systems are actually less expensive long term. You can expect a metal roof to last even longer than most common roof structures and to spend less time on maintenance requirements too. You can have better protection from severe storms, natural disasters, and the heat, too. Call (317) 348-0180 for trusted standing seam metal roofing in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas. You can depend on the roofers at JAGG Premium Roof Systems for superior work and a reliable roof that lasts for years. Contact us now to get started!