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Metal Roofing Indianapolis: Reliable Roofing Contractors for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings In the Whole of Indiana

Affordable, stylish, fire-resistant, durable, energy-efficient — these are some of the most exciting words that best describe metal roofing that Indianapolis expert roofers such as JAGG Premium Roof Systems are offering!

Whether you are the owner of a business or a residential home, it’s a wonderful idea for you to choose to cover it with a metal roof or convert your current roof into one, which is very much possible even without getting rid of your present roofing system! This is just one of the reasons why metal roofing is something that your wallet will thank you for.

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Metal roofing solutions are not regarded as the most sought-after roofing options for nothing. With the many perks associated with costs, aesthetics and of course performance, it’s no wonder why a lot of commercial establishments and homes in Indianapolis have metal roofs. So if you want for your property to look fantastic and stay that way for a really long time without leaving your savings in shambles, consider metal roofing. There are so many design options and cost selections available — you can rest assured that if you can think it, we at JAGG Premium Roof Systems can do it.

Our company is made up of a team of excellent metal roofing contractors. When it comes to installing as well as maintaining metal roofs, we’re the one to trust!

This is why if you are planning on having your home installed with metal roofing, you should leave the job to roofers who really know what they’re doing, and in Indianapolis some of the best roofers can only come from JAGG Premium Roof Systems! You can get in touch with us by dialing (317) 279 – 6137 — our experts are ready to answer your questions and meet you at your appointment!

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    High-Functioning Metal Roofing Solutions for Commercial Purposes

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    We can coat a metal roof with granular or shiny coating — this further increases the reflectivity of metal, thus maintaining comfortable temperature levels inside the property without heavy reliance on air conditioning.

    Insulation Services

    Our skilled and experienced roofers can apply metal roofing over an insulating material (such as rigid foam) or create a dead-space area between the roof and roof deck for effective heat dissipation.

    Did you know that a metal roof doesn’t have to look like metal? Especially if one of your priorities as a business person is the curb appeal of your commercial establishment, you’ll be more than delighted to know that there’s a dizzying assortment of metal roofing designs to choose from. For instance, you may opt for something that closely resembles asphalt shingle roofing which costs tons of money to install and maintain!

    Commercial metal roofing helps make any business a success. That’s because this particular roofing option works so well in reducing operation costs by providing superb installation.

    You may have doubts because metal is an excellent conductor, and thus it absorbs and distributes heat like it’s nobody’s business. Well, this is definitely true. However, there are a couple of things that we here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems can do to help keep heat away most especially during those scorching hot summer days. 

    What’s so nice about metal roofing that’s properly installed is that it can also help keep heat inside the establishment during the coldest parts of the year. And speaking of which, a metal roof is very good at getting rid of snow because it encourages it to melt especially if the roof is painted in a dark color which absorbs UV radiation.

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    Having much-needed peace of mind all the time is possible provided that your business has a metal roofing over it. That’s because metal is fire-resistant unlike some other roofing solutions out there. What’s more, it is something that’s able to resist rot, mildew and insects. Needless to say, metal roofing is an investment that can be enjoyed for years!

    The only downside to metal roofing in terms of commercial use? Well, it’s only suitable for roofs with a steep slope and in some instances a gentle pitch — it’s not ideal for flat roofing purposes.

    Attractive Metal Roofing for Residential Home Applications

    Residential metal roofing is best carried out by JAGG Premium Roof Systems — our years of industry experience and a team of reliable and skilled roofers serve as testaments to that fact!

    Do we recommend for your home to have a metal roof? Of course we do! We want to make sure that every customer of ours will be more than satisfied with the appeal and reliability of the roofing we install, and this is why in our opinion it’s a wonderful idea for you to consider a metal roofing system for your home. With it over your head, you can rest assured that you and your entire family can live in a home where happy memories can be made without any trouble.

    Just like what’s mentioned earlier, metal roofing comes in an impressive assortment of designs. Do you want your home to look like a traditional one with Spanish tiles? There’s a metal roof for that! Do you prefer your home to exude a contemporary vibe with slate tiles? We can install a metal roof that looks like slate!

    Just by looking at it, no one will believe that your clay or wood shingle roof is actually metal — unless someone knocks on it and hears that unmistakable clanging of metal.

    And that brings us to a question that a lot of residential home owners probably want answered: is metal roofing noisy? If truth be told, it doesn’t have to make a lot of noise when it’s raining or hailing. That’s because with the right installation technique, it is very much possible to keep the noise level produced by metal roofing similar to that of any other roofing solution out there. Needless to say, even with a metal roof you can have all the peace and quiet you want. 

    Whether your metal roofing installation (or inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement) needs is for commercial or residential purposes, there’s no other local roofing expert to trust than JAGG Premium Roof Systems!

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