We offer a full suite of roofing services, with no project being too simple or complex to take on.

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Whether it is your brick-and-mortar business or home that’s concerned, it’s important for its roof to look great and also perform really well. That’s because it is the security of your business and the comfort of your family that’s on the line.
Our team of highly skilled and experienced roofers will knock on your door ASAP so that we could talk business without putting on hold the construction of your commercial property or residential home. With us, you don’t have to worry about not having a roof over your head.
No matter if your budget is limited or the sky’s-the-limit type, we have the perfect roofing solution for you!

In Indianapolis, JAGG Premium Roof Systems is known as the premier source of metal roofing. We specialize in commercial metal roofing solutions — name some of the most well-known and attractive business establishments in the area and it’s likely that we here are JAGG Premium Roof Systems are the ones responsible for their great-looking and top-performing roofs.
Regardless of the goods you’re selling or services you’re offering, we can recommend as well as install the most suitable roof for the job.
Metal is of course the roofing solution we highly suggest. That’s because we can vouch for its ability to stand the test of time, thanks to its sheer durability. No matter the time of the year, you can always have peace of mind because you know that your property is kept out of harm’s way by metal roofing.

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We here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems offer some of the most high-functioning and durable roofing solutions simply because we want you to be completely satisfied with our work and, more importantly, enjoy your investment for a really long time. However, no one ever said that the various roofing solutions we (and other roofers) have can last forever.
Shingles can stay around for about 20 long years. Most metal roofing options, on the other hand, can be enjoyed for 50 years or so.

Some of the most hard-wearing Indianapolis roofing solutions we offer are those that involve the installation of tiles such as cement or clay — it is very much possible for them to last for 100 years or more!
When you are nearing or have reached the end of the expected shelf life of your current roofing system, it is definitely a good idea to have it inspected and ultimately replaced. Such is important to keep your commercial property or residential home in tip-top shape. Otherwise, much costlier issues may come up.
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Different roofing systems have different pros and cons. And because each one of them is susceptible to varying types and degrees of damage, it’s of utmost importance for the right kind of repair to be carried out.
Leaving the job to experienced and skilled Indianapolis roofers is the smartest step to take. Some repairs simply cannot be considered as DIY projects — they have to be provided by a company with the right set of skills, expertise, and plenty of experience in the roofing industry.

JAGG Premium Roof Systems, which is regarded as Indiana’s premier source for metal roofing, also provides first-rate roofing repair, including emergency ones. No matter what your current roofing system is, our highly qualified and reliable roofers can put the roofing-related problem to an end without wreaking havoc on your budget and considerably disrupting your everyday business operation or living.

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Whether commercial or residential roofing is concerned, it’s important to nip a roof-related problem in the bud. This helps keep a small issue from becoming a massive one that usually entails expensive repairs and even replacements. You wouldn’t want that to happen if you’re running a business because it can cause downtime which can have a considerable impact on your business. You also wouldn’t want that to happen to your family as it can cause a major disruption in the everyday living of the ones who matter to you the most.
This is why we here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems  highly recommend for you to get in touch with us at least once a year — our experienced and skilled roofers will make sure that your roofing is in tip-top shape.

And just in case they find a problem, it’s unfortunate but consider yourself lucky as it can spare you from having to spend more money than you should — even the tiniest roofing issue can easily wind up as a significant problem that can take up a lot of your hard-earned cash for it to get repaired!
JAGG Premium Roof Systems also suggest for an inspection to be conducted by the pros twice a year — once after winter and another just before the next winter strikes. This is especially true if all kinds of severe weather conditions took place before snow and ice make their presence known again. An inspection after winter helps make sure that your current roofing did not incur any damage, and another inspection just before the coldest months of the year helps see to it that your roofing is ready for some harsh winter conditions — you know how winter could be in Indiana!
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Leaking roofs. Most start as tiny discolored sections of a wall before mildew and mold appear, then wet ceilings, or worse, ceilings caving in. This is not forgetting damaged heating systems, flooded basements and the health risk of those living in a particular house. Yet most of these issues are not caused by bad roofing alone. They are also caused by clogged, leaking or badly fitted gutters.

Gutters are meant to come together nicely. Damaged or ill fitted gutters can be a nightmare for a home. Nothing quite floods a basement as quickly as a bad gutter. If water is not being directed away by the gutters, then it is being directed in. Thankfully gutter repair services in Indianapolis and in Indiana as a whole are at your fingertips – a phone call away.
Old-fashioned or poorly designed gutters can be a constant nuisance. You need durable working gutters to protect your home and to get some peace of mind. Having to climb your roof to unclog the gutters doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend weekends. If it is broken, we at JAGG will fix it.

We also offer seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are well, seamless. That means they have no joints. Joints tend to pop especially during winter with the snow and ice. Gutters have come a long way from being made from galvanized steel to aluminum but they were still pieces that needed to be joined together. Seamless gutters did away with all these joints.
These long strands of gutters come in a variety of colors. You’ll like this diversity with which seamless gutters come with, not considering that they are literally weaved out right outside your home during installation. Seamless gutters are a sure bet away for leaking gutters.
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A roof is a vital part of the home and acts as a defense against bad weather. Indianapolis is subject to storms during spring and summer, that often brings down hail sized like golf balls that have the potential to damage the roof and cause severe water damage to the roof and attic.

A severe hail storm can not only damage the shingle on the roof but also at times damage skylights, vent hoods, gutters, and other elements that are part of the roof. After such severe storms, roofs need to be checked for both exterior and interior damage. Damage to shingles can lead to water leaking into the home that can be a cause for major concerns. Get experienced and competent roofers to inspect your roof after storms and then undertake any repairs from hail damage.
Hail can cause severe damage to gutters and flashing and have been known to rip them from their fastenings, and at times may require their complete replacement. Shingle or roof tiles can be punctured or broken and require careful examination of every square foot of the roof to truly understand the areas that the hail has damaged, and that require repairs and attention.

Indianapolis, on an average, has about 20 thunderstorms every year, and only a few of these can be hail storms. These other storms can cause their own particular types of damage with shingles blowing off, damage from tree branches carried by the wind, and other problems.
Such storm damage requires attention with immediate inspection by professional roofers who specialize in storm restoration. Most of them will give you a free estimate for the cost of the restoration work, and even help you to file insurance claims.
Get a contractor who can also arrange immediately for emergency cover with tarpaulins that will immediately stop any further leaking of water into your home. It is essential that any materials used in the repairs be carried out with quality roofing materials that match the existing roof. A proper inspection will also reveal any slow leaks that if left unattended to can lead to developing into major problems.

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