Impact Resistant Shingles

impact resistant shingles

Protect Your Roof with Dependable Impact Resistant Shingles.

Quality is a major aspect to consider when it comes to protecting and maintaining your house, and that applies to everything from roofing to siding. At JAGG Premium Roof Systems, our crew works hard to ensure we can offer roofing solutions that match the quality you work for in your house. Storms are notorious for damaging roofing, especially with of hail and wind. If your home’s roof system is created from traditional shingles, it is very likely that hail storms can leave your roof needing serious repairs. If you’re searching for improved protection for your roofing, call us today at (317) 348-0180 to learn more about impact resistant shingles in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas.

Impact Resistant Shingles

As the title suggests, impact resistant shingles are a type of shingle roof material that is designed to stand up better against hits from debris such as hail. Your roofing can be damaged if hail hits your shingles, since ordinary shingles crack upon impact, clear through to the fiberglass matting on the bottom layer. High impact shingles are designed to handle large hail without sustaining damage to the fiberglass matting underneath. There are several different methods that shingles are tested in production for durability, but all include dropping a two inch or bigger object from a measured distance. A quality shingle will not show any signs of damage on the top or the fiberglass back.

Defenses You Can Trust

While any roofing contractor can install a roof system on your home, at JAGG Premium Roof Systems we are committed to providing a higher quality of roof that can last for decades to come. aesthetic in addition to the added protection. If you’re interested in learning more, or if you’d like to ask for an estimate for impact resistant shingles in Indianapolis, IN or the nearby cities, give our team a call today at (317) 348-0180! We gladly provide a wide variety of residential roof materials, and we even have residential metal roofing options that can offer superior resistance to hail or additional damage. Our team is ready and able to accommodate any of your roofing requirements!