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Our Roof Inspection Services Can Save Your Indianapolis Home or Business from Problems in the Future

Whether commercial or residential roofing is concerned, it’s important to nip a roof-related problem in the bud. This helps keep a small issue from becoming a massive one that usually entails expensive repairs and even replacements. You wouldn’t want that to happen if you’re running a business because it can cause downtime which can have a considerable impact on your business. You also wouldn’t want that to happen to your family as it can cause a major disruption in the everyday living of the ones who matter to you the most.

This is why we here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems highly recommend for you to get in touch with us at least once a year — our experienced and skilled roofers will make sure that your roofing is in tip-top shape.

residential roof being replaced
a roof inspection service in indianapolis

And just in case they find a problem, it’s unfortunate but consider yourself lucky as it can spare you from having to spend more money than you should — even the tiniest roofing issue can easily wind up as a significant problem that can take up a lot of your hard-earned cash for it to get repaired! 

JAGG Premium Roof Systems also suggest for an inspection to be conducted by the pros twice a year — once after winter and another just before the next winter strikes. This is especially true if all kinds of severe weather conditions took place before snow and ice make their presence known again. An inspection after winter helps make sure that your current roofing did not incur any damage, and another inspection just before the coldest months of the year helps see to it that your roofing is ready for some harsh winter conditions — you know how winter could be in Indiana!

A roof inspection that Indianapolis business and home owners need should be left in the hands of reliable roofers with years of experience in the roofing industry, and JAGG Premium Roof Systems is the service provider to trust. Dial (317) 279 – 6137 for inquires or to set up an appointment with our highly qualified contractors.

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Regardless if a powerful hurricane has just ended, you are gearing up for the harsh winter or water stains are present on your ceiling or walls, dial (317) 279 – 6137 to set up an appointment with professional roofers of JAGG Premium Roof Systems — the best time to have your roofing system inspected is now when the problem is not yet causing any noticeable or significant impact on your business’ daily operation or your family’s everyday living.

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    Expert roofers agree that some of the leading causes of roof damage include but are not limited to:

    missing shingle roofs

    Large Tree Branches & Debris

    standing water on roof

    Severe Weather Conditions

    residential roof being replaced

    Birds, Insects & other Animals

    water stains on roof

    Faulty Gutters

    No matter your roofing system, you can rest assured that JAGG Premium Roof Systems’ experienced and skilled roofers will inspect it thoroughly — no roof-related problem will be able to escape their keen eyes!

    Your Current Roofing System Has All Kinds of Enemies

    No matter how strong your choice of roofing system is, there are things around that can have a considerable impact on its integrity and lifespan. 

    Once any or more of these problems are around, it can be very easy for water to wreak havoc on your roofing system — it can cause rot and mildew on roofs out of wood. And even if your roof is resistant to rot and mildew, water can still cause significant damage to it by causing problems in the roof structure underneath which, to an untrained eye, are not that easy to spot. That is why any roof inspection should be carried out only by expert roofers in your area.

    roof leak
    small animal damage on roof

    Holes due to falling debris, insects and other causes can be easily penetrated by water. Especially if the roofing system is not properly installed, water won’t have any trouble ruining your business or home. Some roof types are simply more susceptible to damage caused by water. Aside from those that are out of wood shingles or shakesflat roofs that are commonly seen on commercial establishments are prone to being damaged by water, too.

    No matter your roofing system, you can rest assured that JAGG Premium Roof Systems’ experienced and skilled roofers will inspect it thoroughly — no roof-related problem will be able to escape their keen eyes!

    An Assortment of Problems May Strike Your Roof

    There are so many roofing solutions to choose from these days. Some of them are more appropriate for commercial establishments while others are more suitable for residential homes. No matter the case, each roofing system available has some advantages. Sadly, every single one of them has a few disadvantages, too.

    We here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems highly recommend roofing solutions, commercial or residential alike, that are superb performers. Roofing systems we suggest and install can last anywhere from 20 years to more than a century!

    For utmost longevity, it’s important for a business or homeowner like you to opt for a roofing system that’s known to really stand the test of time. Proper installation of your chosen roof, in addition, should be done if you want the outcome to look amazing and also perform very well. Then there’s also the importance of having your roofing system regularly inspected by Indianapolis’ top roofers, such as the professional roofers of JAGG Premium Roof Systems.

    Even the roofing system that can be of service to your business or home for 100 years or longer requires inspection scheduled on a regular basis. Even the most durable roof out there is not entirely impervious to getting damaged by falling trees, large hails, powerful hurricanes and strong winds.

    Yes, you can attain peace of mind if your business or home has a hard-wearing roof over it such as metalasphalt or slate. However, you can enjoy even more peace of mind if you regularly have your roof inspected.

    Leaving the job to just about any roofing company in Indiana is a terrible idea. If you want to make sure that roof-related problems, including most especially those that are hard to spot, are identified before they become massive issues that require a lot of money as well as time to be repaired, allow the most experienced and skilled local roofers to carry out the job. When on the hunt for the right service provider, look no further than JAGG Premium Roof Systems!