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Roof Insurance Claims Inspection

We Can Inspect and Repair Your Roof to Reverse the Effects of Storm Damage on the Structure of Your Roof

Do you reside in Indianapolis, IN and need roof insurance claim help? You can depend on our roofing contractors! One of the most overwhelming things a homeowner or commercial property owner can deal with is submitting a roof damage insurance claim through a insurance company. Insurance companies do their best to make the insurance claims filing procedure is a easy one, but filling out the claim and figuring out what destruction is the most terrible is really overwhelming for customers. With hailstones and storm damage, it might appear that its okay to leave it alone, but these damages will continue to grow worse with time. Never allow roof damages get in the way of you submitting a roof insurance claim, because at JAGG Premium Roof Systems we are here to help any customers with our roof damage insurance claims support service.

Each of our customers who use our roof damage insurance claims assistance service will have a roof inspection, which will determine what kind of damage has been done. Once a detailed roofing inspection has been completed and we have found damage to your roofing system, we are able to look over roof choices. On top of supplying our customers with roofing inspections, we can even consult with our customers on if their roofing system damage is bad enough to submit an insurance claim. When submitting a claim with the insurance company, they will require all of the correct documents to begin the process, and our customers are able to add our damage report to their documentation. When you want restoration or replacements for your roof, our expert roofers are here to get your roof back in great shape. To schedule an appointment for a roofing inspection or roof damage insurance claims service, call our roofing company today at (317) 348-0180!

Roof Damage Insurance Claims Process

Having a roofing system inspection done by a roofing company prior to you file roof damage insurance claims can be very beneficial while navigating the claims process. An adjuster inspection will occur when you file, so when you first call your insurance company you will appoint the best date. Damage will be appraised and documented by the adjuster to uncover the repairs and coverage provided for roof damage insurance claims. You can receive important information that will be advantageous you when you file for a claim. This report can:

  • Offer descriptive info on all damage on your roof system
  • Supply you added filing documentation for your case
  • Help you confirm filing is needed
  • Work for you when dealing with insurance adjusters
  • And More!

When you forward your proof, ensure you send in your inspection report and the roofing company information for your insurance adjuster. You may also need to deliver any before and after photographs you may have of your roof system as discernible evidence. When finished, your adjuster will use their appraisal and create a damage report that is sent to you. This damage report will also come with a first check to help you have your repairs started, followed by a second once they get an invoice from the roofing company after they finish your roof.

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When you have roof damage insurance claims, the roofing contractors at JAGG Premium Roof Systems are the experts to call. We assist you in navigate the stressful situation and give service for you no matter where you are in the process. To make sure your satisfaction and roofing requirements are met, we take the time to keep you totally briefed on the roofing process. Let’s get started today! Contact JAGG Premium Roof Systems at (317) 348-0180 for roof damage insurance claims in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding area!