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Eye-Catching Shingle Roofing for Indianapolis and the Whole of Indiana

There is no denying that shingle roofs are some of the most attractive roofing systems around. Their mere presence is enough to considerably increase the curb appeal of your residential home.

Refrain from thinking, however, that shingle roofs are nothing but eye candy — if truth be told, they’re some of the most high-performing roofing solutions that you can choose from. With the right materials and enough pitch, you can rest assured that your property and everyone living in it are protected from the harsh elements.

a residential roofing project in indianapolis
a shingle roofing project in indianapolis

We have to admit that shingle roof installation is one of the most challenging roofing tasks out there. If you are planning on placing a roof over your head, make sure that you choose the right people for the job. Failure to do so can easily lead to disastrous results and big money down the drain!

There is one shingle roofing company that Indianapolis homeowners trust, and it’s none other than JAGG Premium Roof Systems! We have a team of roofing experts with sufficient experience and plenty of skills to provide your shingle roofing installation needs. JAGG Premium Roof Systems is also the service provider to get in touch with if you would like to have your current shingle roof inspectedrepaired or replaced altogether.


Make sure that you leave your shingle roofing installation needs to no other company but JAGG Premium Roof Systems. Although we are known as the premier source for metal roofing, our team of expert roofers are also highly capable of installing many other types of roofing systems such as shingle roofs. Dial (317) 279 – 6137 for your inquiries or setting up an appointment with our reliable roofers.

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    Shingle Roofing Choices Come Aplenty

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    It makes it easy for a homeowner to stay on budget

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    Easy Installation

    Having it installed is trouble-free

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    There are many beautiful colors to choose from

    Shingle Roofing can stay around for about 20 long years

    Clay is a runner-up when it comes to popularity. So many residential homeowners who are on the hunt for shingle roofing services look for this particular option because of its ability to be of service for 100 years of even longer. What’s more, clay is fireproof and offers superb insulation during summer and winter alike. Slate is similar to clay in that it also has a lifespan of 100 years or so. In addition, it’s great for keeping out heat during the hottest parts of the year and keeping it in during those cold winter months. 

    There is no denying the elegance and timeless appeal of wood, and that’s why a lot of homeowners would like to have their homes to feature wood shingle roofing. Many different types of wood may be used for this purpose, but the most popular of them all is red cedar due to a couple of reasons:

    • It is highly available and accessible in the US
    • It has the ability to resist rot
    slate roof completed
    wood shingle roof

    When other types of wood are selected for one’s shingle roofing needs, it’s not unlikely for rot treatment and special installation to be employed. For instance, pine looks amazing but it is highly prone to wood rot. Worry not if you would like to take advantage of pine’s unmistakable charm as the right treatment and installation is all that’s needed.

    That is why when it comes to getting shingle roof installation services, see to it that you leave the task to us — JAGG Premium Roof Systems! You can get in touch with us for inquiries or an appointment by picking up the phone and dialing (317) 279 – 6137 now!

    Metal and Cement Shingle Roofing Systems are Popular Too

    A lot of homeowners are intimidated by the installation of shingle roofing systems. It’s for the fact that it is something that can cost a lot of money. While highly durable, from time to time maintenance and repair may have to be conducted — allowing some of the tiles to remain damaged or missing could cause the remaining ones to become damaged or loose.

    Well, do not worry if you are a budget-conscious individual because there is a workaround. If you would like to beautify your home with the unparalleled appeal of shingle roofing, you may opt for metal or cement.

    Thanks to modern-day manufacturing of roofing materials, a metal roof can be made to closely resemble some of the more expensive shingle roofing materials on the face of the planet. It looks so much like the real deal that none of your neighbors and visitors will be able to tell the difference! What’s so nice about metal roofing that looks like it is shingle roofing is that it can last for a really long time — aluminum most especially is highly resistant to corrosion! But despite looking amazing and performing really well, a metal shingle roofing solution is easy on the pocket.

    Just like metal, cement tiles can be manufactured in all kinds of designs, styles and shapes. They may look expensive but the fact is that they are revered for their economical value. You will surely love cement tiles because not only are they very good at providing insulation, but also standing the test of time — they can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years!