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Elegant and Long-Lasting Slate Roofing for Indianapolis and the Whole of Indiana

When it comes to roofing, perhaps no other type of roof comes close to the elegance of slate. A metamorphic rock, it is one of the most attractive and durable roofing around — it’s so hard-wearing that it can last for 150 years or even longer if it’s installed and maintained properly.

If you want the curb appeal of your home considerably increased, look for slate roofing contractors. Due to the fact that slate does not come with a cheap price tag, it’s a definite must for the installation job to be carried out only by the most experienced and skilled roofers in the industry. For the right service provider get in touch with is JAGG Premium Roof Systems. It may be known as Indiana’s premier source for metal roofing, but it’s also the leader when it comes to installation of slate roof that Indianapolis homeowners want to be spotted over their homes!

slate roofing project in indianapolis
finished slate roof

Aside from installing slate roofs, JAGG Premium Roof Systems can also impress with its many other roofing-related services, ranging from inspections, maintenance, repairs and replacements.

Got your mind set on a slate roof? Then give us a call at (317) 279 – 6137 now — our team of seasoned and dependable roofers is ready to answer your most pressing questions. Slate is one of the most expensive roofing solutions out there, and we completely understand why you want to make sure that you are about to make the right choice. Well, you can never go wrong with slate — it looks amazing and its longevity can make jaws drop!

Planning on putting a slate roof over your home? Then pick up the phone and dial (317) 279 – 6137 — getting in touch with JAGG Premium Roof Systems is the smartest step that you can take. Allowing us to do the necessary tasks, from the inspection of your current roof structure, installation to the scheduled maintenance, helps to make sure that the money you will spend on slate roofing won’t end up down the drain.

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    Don’t assume that slate is all about looking fantastic. Did you know that a slate roof can stay around for 150 long years? And if it’s installed as well as maintained properly, it can last even longer!

    Natural Slate is a Beautiful and High-Performing Roofing System

    The presence of a roof out of materials that are completely natural can instantly add a touch of class to any home. It’s for this reason why wood shingles and shakes are sought after by homeowners who would like to live in timeless-looking homes. While they look fantastic, wooden roofs come with a few disadvantages. For instance, they are susceptible to rotting, insect damage and fire. As expected, there are prices to pay for looking gorgeous!

    Worry not if you want for your home to look classic and elegant without putting up with some of the negatives that come with having a roof that’s out of wood. That’s because there’s slate that you can opt for.

    slate roof completed
    accomplished slate roof

    One look and it’s easy to see why a slate roof is one of the most coveted roofing systems out there. Nothing can match its all-natural appeal — it looks stunning and everyone can tell right away that it doesn’t come cheap. Well, that’s one of the cons of opting for slate roofing: you will have to shell out a huge sum of cash for it. But despite this, a lot of owners of residential homes are more than willing to invest their hard-earned cash on slate roofing systems. 

    This is why when it comes to the installation of slate roofing it’s a must to allow the industry experts to carry out the task. It is definitely not a DIY project — it has to be performed by experienced and skilled roofers who know how to install slate in the right way. Because slate isn’t lightweight, it’s very important for certain conditions to be met. For instance, the roof structure should be strong enough to handle the brute weight of slate tiles.

    There's Also Synthetic Slate Available That Helps You Stay on Budget

    Love the unparalleled beauty of a slate roof but you hate the steep cost of installing it? You’ll be glad to learn that there is a workaround — it’s very much possible for an elegant-looking slate roof to grace your home without leaving a gigantic hole in your pocket. Such can be done by means of the installation of synthetic slate!

    Aside from natural slate, we here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems also install synthetic slate roofing. It goes without saying that we’re the local roofers to trust if you wish to go for slate that’s not slate but looks like it.

    Thanks to modern-day roof manufacturing techniques, it can be extremely challenging to tell apart natural slate and its artificial counterpart. We can have your home installed with synthetic slate roofing and your neighbors and visitors won’t suspect that it’s not the real deal. The presence of synthetic slate roofing can certainly increase the curb appeal of your home. Sadly, it’s something that won’t be able to add to the resale value of your property like actual slate does.

    In addition, synthetic slate roofing is not as long-lasting as 100% genuine slate roofing — it can stay around for about 50 years only. But compared to some roofing solutions, it’s definitely a more excellent performer!

    It’s a good thing that the cost-saving properties of synthetic slate can easily make up for those disadvantages. Thanks to this roofing option, you can turn the dream home of your wildest dreams into reality without leaving your savings in shambles. What’s more, synthetic slate is considerably lighter in weight compared to its all-natural counterpart. This equates to cheaper and faster installation, and elimination of having to construct a stronger roof structure beforehand.

    Thinking about installing a synthetic slate roof over your home? Dial (317) 279 – 6137 for your inquiries! We at JAGG Premium Roof Systems are the perfect roofers for the job. Aside from installation, we also offer an assortment of slate roofing-related services. For instance, we can provide reliable inspection, maintenance and slate roof repair that Indianapolis homeowners need from time to time.