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Tile Roofing for Indianapolis and the Whole of Indiana

We at JAGG Premium Roof Systems offer metal roofing solutions that look like tiles. They’re perfect for owners of commercial buildings as well as residential homes who would like to combine style, durability and cost-efficiency. It doesn’t come as a surprise why these metal roofing options are quite popular!

However, we also offer the real deal: tile roofs!

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spanish tiles

Tile roofing is never short on style. As a matter of fact, it is something that can instantly give your store or home tons of curb appeal — you can rest assured that your property is going to stand out. Although it’s true that tile roofs are quite common in Indianapolis, looking extraordinary is still very much a possibility as tile roofs come in so many different colors, shapes and styles — it’s for certain that there is one that can perfectly go well with your personal preference and needs.


Want to learn more about tile roofs? Then pick up the phone and dial (317) 279 – 6137 — we at JAGG Premium Roof Systems are more than willing to accommodate your inquiries, appointments and other roofing-related needs. From clay or cement tile roof repair that Indianapolis commercial establishments and residential homes need to restorations and coatings, we’re the perfect roofers for the job.

It’s true that we specialize in commercial metal roofing solutions, but we’re also outstanding when it comes to tile roofing — commercial or residential alike!

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    Spanish Tiles

    Classic is the word that best describes Spanish tiles. They are undeniably eye-catching courtesy of their wave-like appeal which coincidentally a design that’s perfect for carrying away water. Spanish tiles being offered by JAGG Premium Roof Systems come in so many options, ranging from clay to cement.

    double roman tiles

    Double Roman Tiles

    They kind of look like Spanish tiles, but double Roman tiles have well-defined ribs per row and more frequent yet smaller water channels. Very popular in Mediterranean architecture, they are usually out of cement. You may, however, come across those that are out of clay.

    french tiles

    French Tiles

    No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you — French tiles really look like double Roman tiles, but inverted! There are a couple of perks that their unique designing offers. First, they are so much easier to install. Second, they are highly effective for carrying away heavy rainfall, thanks to their wider water channels.


    Pantile Tiles

    What makes these tiles (which are usually constructed out of fire clay) stand out from the rest is that each one of them has an unmistakable S shape which allows for a ripple appearance. Pantile tiles are recommended for staying on budget as well as on roof structures that are not capable of supporting heavy tiles.

    Speaking of staying on budget, we have to be honest — after all, honesty is the best policy and it’s our policy to keep our customers satisfied. Tile roofing solutions are some of the most expensive options out there.

    The good news is that they are not expensive for nothing. Did you know that tile roof can last for a hundred years? And if you go for tiles that are known for their unparalleled quality and durability, your roof can actually stay around so much longer! Needless to say, choosing cement or clay tile roof allows you to enjoy a great looking commercial property or home for generations to come.

    french tile 01
    double roman

    Whether what you need is an upgrade or tile roof repair, leave the job to no other roofer but us — JAGG Premium Roof Systems is the one responsible for some of the most stunning tile roofing systems that you can spot in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

    Tile Roofing Looks Great and Performs Amazingly

    Everyone can’t help but agree that tile roofs look breathtaking and one of a kind. Their installation can instantly turn any structure go from boring to alluring (and also enduring, courtesy of their durability).

    However, refrain from assuming that they’re all about making your brick-and-mortar store or dream home look dreamy. If truth be told, one of the reasons why many choose tile roofing is that it’s an excellent performer, too. For example, unlike most other roofing solutions tiles are impervious to insect damage and decay. Aside from keeping rain from seeping in, they are also resistant to fire. And having tiles above your head can spare you from worrying about freezing cold winter nights and blistering hot summer days as they’re fantastic insulators! They can keep heat in during the coldest months of the year, and they can keep heat away during the hottest parts of the year.

    Even though it’s true that they can last for a hundred years or even more, tiles are actually brittle. It’s for this reason exactly why the job of installing, replacing or repairing should be left in the hands of tile roof experts, and you should look no further than JAGG Premium Roof Systems — we are known as the industry leader!

    If there’s one thing about a task that involves roof tiles that’s true, it’s the fact that it’s no DIY project. Just about anything that involves gorgeous and durable yet brittle tiles requires the assistance of no one else but the pros. It’s not just cement or clay tile roof repair that Indianapolis business persons and homeowners alike should entrust to us, but anything else including assessment. That’s because we have to make sure that your roof structure must be sturdy enough to support tiles — these beauties are some of the heaviest roofing options around.

    Clearly, there are various things that need to be considered when it comes to choosing tile roofing, ranging from your budget to your roof structure. But worry not as we’re here to provide quick and honest answers to your various pressing questions. Just remember: it’s not enough that you opt for tile roofing that no one can resist, it’s also important for those tiles to be installed — or repaired, maintained or replaced — by roofers with years of industry experience and lots of very satisfied local customers!