What You Should Do If Your Downspout is Blocked

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When it comes to home maintenance, you will need to assess your downspouts and gutters to see if they are blocked or have debris. If your downspout or gutter is clogged, water will accumulate, and there will be water damage and soil erosion in your residence. That’s why it is essential to seek affordable gutter repair services in Indianapolis

Most homeowners will remember to clean the gutters but forget to clear out downspouts. This will lead to water flowing down the gutters and getting stuck in a blocked downspout. If you don’t unblock a clogged downspout, there could be water damage to your home due to water build-up. If you wish to know how to unblock a clogged downspout, here are some things you should do to avoid further damage:

Begin with Unclogging Gutters and Installing High-Quality Gutter Guards

If you see water flowing out your gutter, that will indicate a clogged gutter. This can happen because of a storm or if there is soil erosion. Other signs that show you have a blocked gutter include dirt and water on your house’s siding and peeling paint. You can opt to clear the gutters yourself or hire an expert to handle the job. The best way to stop clogs is by installing gutter guards. 

Gutter splash guards will offer protection to your guards by connecting open gutters and stopping leaves, debris, twigs, and other items from getting into your gutter. Also, they will prevent clogs from happening while letting water trickle downs smoothly. Even though it is possible to install gutter guards yourself, you need to leave the task to a qualified professional. Experts are highly trained to install the gutter guards. 

Assess Your Downspouts for Possible Clogs

When dealing with downspouts, clogs can’t be easily noticed. You will have to use a screwdriver to feel the downspout, beginning from top to bottom. The best method is to assess the downspouts when you decide to check your gutters for clogs. Afterward, you can remove the clogs with a hose pipe.

You will have a clog in your downspout if you notice the water has stopped flowing out from it during a storm. Ensure you evaluate the cage; the wire mesh between the downspout and gutter can be damaged with water. If the cage is damaged, you will have to remove it and install a new cage. 

Assess the Drain Pipes for Possible Clogs

Some homes have downspouts connected to a drainpipe, which drains water from the house to other drainage systems. The drainpipe can get clogged. The clog can be challenging to remove since the pipe will be beneath the house and difficult to access. 

Several things can cause clogs in drain pipes. This includes tree roots growth or debris accumulation. Tree roots can damage the drainpipe if the issue is not resolved as soon as possible. To clear the clog in the drainpipe, you need to remove the downspout using a hosepipe. If the problem is complicated, you will need to seek professional help from an expert. 

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