Why You Should Invest in Copper Gutters

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The majority of gutter systems are made of steel or aluminum. As much as the popularity of copper has diminished over the years, it is slowly making a comeback. There could be a couple of reasons why a lot of homeowners are now opting for copper gutters. When searching for gutter repair Indianapolis services, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider copper gutters as a replacement. 

They’re Beautiful

This is perhaps one of the reasons why anyone would want to install copper gutters. Unlike the standard white gutters that are in the market, copper gutters are known to be a focal point for the whole system. It has an elegant and aesthetic look and feel and will definitely make your property stand out. Even when the copper wears down it turns into a classic patina due to oxidation. For homeowners that want to retain their coppers natural color, all that is required to be done is to apply a sealant. 


Copper is a material that is known to withstand even the most extreme of conditions. It can take a beating without fading or showing any signs of wear and tear early on. Since copper is known to be a durable material, it is likely to outlast the other materials that have been used for the gutter. It is recommended that to work with a perimeter gutter in order to get the most out of the copper gutter that is installed on your property. 

Easy to Maintain

Copper is resistant to corrosion which makes it the ideal material for any roofing structure. In addition to that, copper gutters can prevent the formation of algae and fungi on the roof. What this means is that there will be no buildup in the gutter system that will require frequent maintenance or terms of removal. The only thing that you might need is the occasional cleanup. Just because copper is a good option doesn’t mean that there are no disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages has to do with the price tag. Given the advantages, it does come with a hefty price tag that not a lot of homeowners can afford. 

Should You Invest in Copper Gutters 

Having looked at the advantages of copper gutters, you’re probably wondering if installing them will be a good idea. If you have the funds for it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. It is one of those investments that you can never go wrong with if you’d like to have a maintenance-free gutter for the most part. The installation contractor will also matter a great deal. You don’t want to be having issues with the gutters only a couple of weeks after installation. When searching for a gutter contractor, it is imperative that you’re getting someone that is experienced. The same experience should apply when searching for contractors to help with repairs. To learn about copper gutters and maintenance in general, you can check out https://www.jaggroofing.com/gutters/ 

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