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Wood Shake Roofing for Indianapolis and the Whole of Indiana

If you want your home to exude a traditional look or that classic Victorian-era appeal, then we highly recommend wood shake roofing which, coincidentally, we at JAGG Premium Roof Systems specialize in. Our team of highly experienced and skilled roofers not only installs wood shakes but also inspects, maintains and repairs them.

For your wood shake roofing-related needs, leave the job to the pros — dial (317) 279 – 6137 for inquiries or setting up an appointment with our knowledgeable and reliable roofing contractors!

There are so many wonderful things that come with the installation of wood shake roofing over your home.

wood shake roofing
wood shingle roof

For one, it is definitely going to increase your home’s curb appeal. Especially if it’s only you who has this type of roofing system in the neighborhood, you can rest assured that it’s going to be a total standout!

However, we have to be honest because we want to maintain our trustworthy reputation as Indianapolis roofers — there are also some disadvantages to the installation of wood shake roofing. That’s why it is a good idea for you to have a chat with us here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems. We will help you know the pros and cons as well as some of the most important matters about it such as the installation cost as well as other expenses associated with having wood shake roofing, from regular inspections to repairs.

Whether you are thinking about actual wood shake roofing or the synthetic counterpart, leave the job to JAGG Premium Roof Systems — dial (317) 279 – 6137 so that we could start talking about your home and budget!

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    If your home could use some boost in appeal with the help of wood shake roofing, go ahead and make the plan happen! The right people for the job are JAGG Premium Roof Systems’ expert roofers!

    Installing Wood Shake Roofing Comes With So Many Perks

    Evidently, if you are considering having your home installed with wood shake roofing, you want it to look amazing. Well, we can all agree that something as simple as the presence of wood shake roofing is more than enough to make your home a complete stunner. Of course it has to be complemented with the right home architectural design and styling to make it work — wood shake roofing and contemporary home designs do not usually mix. 

    When it comes to roofing with a timeless beauty that everyone finds stunning, wood shake roofing is definitely one of those that are on the top of the list.

    wood shake roofing project in indianapolis
    completed wood shake roof

    Unlike wood shingles, wood shakes have rough texture and slightly non-uniform shape. This results in some form of irregularity once completely installed, but that’s alright because this is actually the very thing that makes wood shake roofing so incredibly unique and unbelievably beautiful! Just about any home with a more traditional or classic designing or styling can easily go from basic to fantastic with the help of wood shake roofing.

    Another thing that makes wood shake roofing amazing is the material used. In the US, red cedar is the most common as well as popular wood shake roofing not only because of its appeal but also accessibility. Some other types of wood usually employed for wood shake roofing include cypress, redwood and pine.

    Special Steps Need to be Taken When It Comes to Wood Shake Roof Installation

    Have you been shopping around for roofing systems? Then you may already be aware of the fact that the installation of wood shake roofing doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. The installation part most especially can cost a lot of money, but that’s okay for so many Indianapolis homeowners as they consider wood shake roofing as fantastic investment.

    The reason why wood shake roofing installation isn’t bargain-basement priced is that it has to be carried out by no one but professional roofers. Installing this type of roofing option has to be done correctly in order for the outcome to be more than pleasing. More importantly, proper installation is of utmost importance to make sure that wood shake roofing, just like any other roofing system around, does its job wonderfully.

    wood shake lined up
    arranged wood shake

    Another reason why the installation of wood shake roofing is not intended for anyone who wishes to tighten the purse strings is the fact that the materials involved are not cheap. Especially if you are planning on having a wood shake roofing out of top-notch wood that is a stunner and excellent performer, you can expect to shell out more money than you would when installing, say, metal roofing.

    Trust us: wood shake roofing installation is worthy of your hard-earned money! Once the installation process is done, you will see that you made the right decision. But don’t assume that wood shake roofing is all about making your home eye-catching — it can make your everyday living comfortable and your monthly electric bill low because a roof that’s out of wood shake works as a phenomenal insulator!

    There are Some Important Matters That You Need to Know

    Despite being charming and high-functioning, wood shake roofing is not a perfect roofing option. That’s because even though it has a lot of benefits, there are also a few drawbacks to it.

    For instance, wood shake roofing is not entirely fireproof. We all know that wood, even the most hard-wearing kind, is not impervious to fading, rot (due to rain and sun, too), mildew and damage caused by insects. While wood shake roofing can last for so many years, regular inspection and repair, if necessary, have to be done. This adds to the overall cost of enjoying the unparalleled beauty of having wood shake roofing over your home.

    Well, we here at JAGG Premium Roof Systems have got great news for you if you would love to have wood shake roofing but hate having to spend a lot of money: our team of experts can install synthetic wood shake roofing.

    You read that right: there’s synthetic wood shake roofing available! One of the perks that come with choosing this roofing option is that it can help save your pocket from winding up empty. Thanks to synthetic wood shake roofing, your home can look like a million dollar without costing more than you can afford! What’s more, it cannot be damaged as quickly as the real deal by rainwater and insects.